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Top Body Positive Instagrammers

The best body positive Instagrammers

Let’s talk about body positive Instagrammers.  I’ve felt like crap about myself after scrolling through Instagram. Anyone else?

Yeah, I see you. Thanks for raising your hand.

Diet ads, fitness “coaches,” celebrities and models in skimpy bikinis, people posting their progress photos in their quest to be thin. “You’re not good enough as you are,” is the message it sends. And that sucks.  And it’s wrong because YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH RIGHT NOW.

But guess what? You can minimize the damage by filling your feed with body positive Instagram accounts instead.  And once you are pumped up on all these body positive vibes, pop over to LoveHoney to treat yourself to something special!

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Guess what? You can be fat and a stripper. And SLAY.

Here are some of my other favorite body positive Instagrammers.

@i_weigh The product of actress Jameela Jamil (@jameelajamilofficial). Yeah, Jameela is a tall, thin, gorgeous model of a human, but don’t let that put you off. Body positivity is for everyone. “The Good Place” actress started the I Weigh movement after getting fed up with media focusing on her weight, clothing size and body shape. I Weigh focuses on the true measurements of our worth.

@lizzobeeating Ya’ll. I’m obsessed with Lizzo. Can’t get enough of her music, Instagram lives, articles, interviews, posts…all of it. Follow her. Listen to her music. Devour all the vibes she sends out.


@weekendcloset Michelle shares her favorite plus size fashions.


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Some weekends you just have to wake up early, put on the dress and put yourself out there. Spent the day networking in Boston. . . I think so many people who are talking about fashion aren’t digging deep in their closets but reach for what’s new on the rack. Today I dusted off a @londontimesfashion dress from 3-4 years ago. I love the mix of patterns with the form fitting top. This is one of the most flattering dresses I own and it breaks all the rules. It even has pockets! . . . #wowinfluencers #plussize #plussizefashion #networkingevent #bossbabe #effyourbeautystandards #style #buzzfeedstyle #bloggerstyle #patterns #iwearwhatiwant #plussizeinfluencer #psootd #ootd #plusblogger #bodypositive #fashion #curvygirl #plussizestyle #loveyourself #selflove #abmstyle #plussizestyle #bosbloggers #ootdwatch #discoverunder10k #psfashion

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@sparklesandstretchmarks I’ve been following Hayley for years now. It’s been fun watching her become a body positive champion. We both decided to start loving ourselves RIGHT NOW even if it’s hard or scary. She’s open, honest and raw about body image, chronic illness, gender and more.

@effyourbeautystandards This movement was started by model @tessholliday. Follow both accounts to see bodies that don’t fit into the mold of what we’ve been told is beautiful looking HOT AF.

@temperandtweed I went to middle school with Kelly and she grew up to be an amazing boudoir photographer. She photographs women of all sizes looking amazing in lingerie. In fact, you’ll see some of me on her feed!

@bodyposipanda Megan Crabbe has purple hair, over a million followers and a joyfully dances without caring about any jiggles. Her dance videos spark joy and have inspired me to look for a dance class.

@harpergreylifestyle Bright, happy and body positive! Her confidence shines in every photo.

The Vagina Blog Do I really need to say more? Body positive. Sex toys. Periods. Need I say more?

@jvn Jonathan Van Ness of “Queer Eye” is king of body positivity. He wears what he wants, dances around his kitchen in his underwear and is pushing himself to take up gymnastics and ice skating in his 30s.

@charmainej Self declared “boss bitch!”

@fitfabweekend Inspiration to love yourself and tackle life with confidence.

@glitterandlazers Gillette recently featured this queen in an Instagram post. People lost their shit over seeing a curvy woman in a bikini enjoying her day at the beach. She’s still doing her thing anyway.

@thecynth Bright happy, photos of a boss babe loving her body and her life.


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Doing a stripped down, self love shoot wasn’t easy. @nicoledoiron and I worked for hours trying to get the right shots but at the end of the day, all that matters is how I feel about myself. How much I love myself and my body. This shoot helped me see my own body on camera, all my flaws and all my beauty. If you know me, you know my body has been a point of anxiety for as long as I can remember so being the subject of such an intimate shoot was the most challenging thing I’ve done in so long. It was hard to not pick apart every photo and end the whole thing. Of course I judged a ton of the photos and there’s definitely pictures I hated but at the end of the day I’m so happy with how this came out. With how brave and filled with self love I am at this moment. Im so excited to bring this part of my life into @neveralone_book and inspire others to be comfortable in their skin & to be okay with being vulnerable. We’re all human, we’re all trying to be something in this world so let’s just all fucking love ourselves and the people around us. I’m so grateful to have role models like @iskra and @ashleygraham thar are paving a way to a much brighter future! What inspires you to be your authentic self? ✨ #selflove #bodypositive

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@csiriano I’ve been following Christian Siriano since his long ago days as a contestant on “Project Runway.” (This season he replaced Tim Gunn as mentor.) He designs for all bodies and his feed is filled with people of all ages, sizes, skin tones and genders rocking beautiful clothes.

@hearherhands Jennifer is deaf, deals with chronic illness and is a body positive yogi.

@cheyennegil Boudoir photography featuring all kinds of bodies!


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Yesssssss we love when the pork chops are poppin. // @anna_sky_beauty on makeup!

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@amandakater I started posting lingerie photos on Instagram because Amanda looked so good. The In Style Magazine editor has fallen in love with her curvy body and brings the #thotdiversity.

What body positive Instagrammers would you add?

Top body positive instagrammers

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