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2019 Highlights So Far

February is almost over.  We have almost finished two full months of 2019.  That was quick, right?  So I thought I’d take a few minutes to share some of my 2019 highlights so far.  I think documenting the good is important!  Gives us something nice to reflect on when we aren’t feeling as cheerful.

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2019 highlights so far…

Birthday giveaways!

Rambling Rach birthday week giveaways!

I loved sharing my birthday week with you guys!  In addition to giving away eight prizes, I enjoyed sharing some insight into my life and my favorite things. (ya know like pizza and orgasms).

In case you missed the winners:

If you haven’t received your prize yet, it should be coming this week!

The best haircut I’ve ever had

Seriously, my hair has never looked so good.  $28 at Hair Cuttery.


Best haircut EVER thanks to Hair CutteryBeach time

I live 20 minutes from the ocean, but rarely take the time to go.  I’m working on changing that.  I burn to a crisp within an hour, but taking even just a few minutes to go breathe in the salty air and listen to the waves crash is like hitting pause and then reset.  I’m wearing the most comfortable dress in this photo, by the way.  It even has pockets!  Amazon.

Soaking up some beach time in Vero Beach, Florida

Clearance lingerie

I’ve been kind of smitten with myself this year.  I’m digging liking myself.  It feels great.  These plus size bralettes by Ava & Viv are on sale at Target right now.  I bought one in every color.  I’m tired in this photo and look a bit angry, but I still think I look sexy AF.

Plus size lingerie:  Ava & Viv at Target

Drag queens

This is the fabulous Kelli Randell, a social justice warrior and the very first drag queen I ever saw live.  I’ve been watching Kelli for over 20 years.  Drag is art and I enjoy it very much.  My birthday weekend was filled with drag shows. I’m going to write more on my love of drag queens one day because people keep asking me “why” and I haven’t quite been able to put it into words yet.

Kelli Randell, drag queen social justice warrior

Finding the perfect shoes

My psychic pal Toi knew I was looking for shoes.  She described this pair to me days before I trudged around every store in my town, finding nothing that sparked joy.  And then finally, I saw these, exactly as she described.  I knew they would have my size and that they would fit.  They are exactly what I wanted.

Sparkly black wedge heels

Blogger events

I’ve been attending networking events in South Florida.  Gorgeous locations like Fairchild Tropical Botantic Garden in Miami and Pier 66 Hotel and Marina in Fort Lauderdale.  I love learning and meeting new people.

Pier 66 Hotel and Marina Ft. Lauderdale

Miso soup

Miso soup is my favorite comfort food.  I could eat it every day.

Miso soup is comfort.



Kitty snuggles

My cat, Milo, is my best buddy.  He loves sleeping on my chest.  I do not enjoy when he sneaks outside and brings me back dead bunnies, though.

2019 highlights:  Kitty cat snuggles

Hanging with my daughter

My girl is graduating high school in a few months, which will definitely make the 2019 highlights list.  I’ve been soaking up time with her.  We had a spa day recently – massages, lunch, a walk on the beach.  We’ve gone on spontaneous adventures like running out to find the best view of the blood moon or heading to IHOP for late night pancakes.  But mostly we’ve just hung out at home, watching Umbrella Academy or Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on the couch with the dogs.

Spa day at Costa d'Este in Vero Beach, Florida


I’m still doing yoga Sunday mornings with one of my besties and am thinking of adding on some additional classes.  I love that it’s just about what I think my body needs and can handle.   I enjoy doing my own thing within a group class.

Get your yoga on.


Getting an iPhone

I’ve been an android person, but have recently switched over to iPhone.  I wish I’d done it sooner!  I have the iPhone XR and love portrait mode.

Portrait mode with iphone xr.

Time with friends.

There have been sushi dates, coffee, thrift shopping, hours at the park, brunches, marathon chats on my patio, much time spent at the local brewery, and so much more.  I’ve met new people and spent time with those I’ve known since childhood.  I spent my actual birthday evening with some of my favorite people and then left the next morning for a three day birthday extravaganza with my bestie boo (which will be it’s own post soon).  Someone really special to me visited from far away and I got to show him bits of my life and introduce him to my local best friends.

Bento box

Target trips.

I love Target so much, despite my ex husband working there.  It’s been my happy place for years and years.  I love walking around, searching for deals (like right now swimwear is BOGO 50% off!) and new products.

I am in love with the February beauty box, which I stumbled upon while wandering around with one of my best gals.  In honor of  Black History Month, the box features products made by and for the black community.

Some black women at a blogger event recently referred to me as “melanin challenged” and ushered me into some shade.  These products are great for pale, freckled white women, too.

Target February beauty box

Target February beauty box

I love rocking red lipstick and this February Target beauty box has one by The Lip Bar.  The color is called Cosmo and it is so moisturizing.  Big thumbs up.  Here I am no bra, haven’t brushed my hair or teeth or washed my face, chipped nails, but looking cute because red lipstick does that!  Pick up one of the beauty boxes to get this shade as well as full sizes of Eden Body Works Coconut Shea hand cream, Sheamoisture mud mask and Carol’s Daughter almond cookie soap.

Red lipstick is magic

Oh, and I even found a painted rock at Target recently!

Painted rock treasure found at Target

Having my portrait done

I made a new friend at the brewery.  She is a yoga instructor who loves woo-woo stuff like astrology and chakra healing, too.  Her daughter drew my portrait yesterday.  (My name is actually Rachael, but I answer to all variations.)

I had my portrait drawn.

So these are my 2019 highlights so far.  Some will be expanded on in their own posts.

What’s been good in your world lately?

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