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What BlogHer 15 Selfies Taught Me

I took a lot of selfies at BlogHer 15. They were mostly either something silly to text my daughter for a smile or to enter one of the many wonderful sweepstakes sponsors were having.

I’m not going to post any of those here, though.

Because they were terrible!

I take really terrible selfies.

Like seriously bad.


I also had my photo taken while stopping by sponsored booths or events.  Here are a few:

Captain Aquafresh

How handsome is he?



Aqua Fresh Man is a hottie! Jet

Jet is a new online retailer taking on the big task of trying to compete with Amazon.  I actually scored super great deals on kitty litter and cat food there last night.  They shipped our conference swag home to us for free, which was genius and earned them lots of blogger love.


Josh Peck

Josh Peck was there promoting his upcoming show, “Grandfathered,” which also stars John Stamos.  It’s coming to Fox in September.  He was hilarious and adorable.

josh peck

Sheryl Underwood

Depend had Sheryl Underwood from “The Talk” at their booth.  She’s followed me on Twitter for a long time and I loved being able to tell her that.

Hanging with Sheryl Underwood



Violet is a supplement marketed to ease the discomfort of sore breasts during that time of the month.  They had hot guys on hand marked with the hashtag “Hugs shouldn’t hurt.”



Hugs shouldn't hurt.Prudential #WomenInspired

Prudential had people doing hair and makeup, then taking professional head shots.  I was in a time crunch so I skipped hair and makeup and went straight to the photographer’s open chair.  They did a silly shot with promotional props and then a serious, professional head shot.

I saw the professional head shot of the blogger before me.  It was gorgeous.  Mine?  Nope.  I looked horrible and had a big black something in between my bottom front teeth.

I do like the silly shot, though.




I love GoDaddy.  I’ve been a happy customer for several years now.  Also, they made me look so much thinner than I am in this photo!  Thanks, GoDaddy!



Go Daddy loveSo many selfies and snapshots of me!  What did it teach me?

  • I like my style!  Zebra print, Wonder Woman leggings, Hello Kitty skirt, lime green and yellow beads and aqua flip flops.  Go me for wearing whatever floats my boat.  I’m setting a good example for my daughter on that front.
  • I need to get back on this whole “shrinking” part of ShrinkingMomster.  I’ve fallen off the wagon.  While I haven’t really gained (much) weight back, my clothes are tighter and see the difference in the BlogHer pics.
  • I need to take care of myself.  I look tired.  And puffy.  I haven’t been sleeping well, eating well or exercising.  I’ve been stressing too much.  And all of that totally shows in my face.
  • The Hello Kitty skirt my daughter made me is pretty flattering!  I need to get her to make that skirt in more patterns!

Are there classes on how to pose for photos?  If so, I need to take one.  I like selfies and being photographed.  I just wish I could find a natural facial expression.

(Cuz there are lots of photos from BlogHer 15 I didn’t post and they are BAD!)

Any photo tips?

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