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Vinnie Tortorich is right: “F*ck Quinoa!”

Vinnie Tortorich, author of “Fitness Confidential,” has given me great advice about weight loss.  He’s also fed me some fun quotes on celebrity gossip  for articles (“Apparently Bob Harper isn’t man enough to speak out on his own, so he’s hiding behind Jillian Michaels, as she hides behind the mommy skirt of NBC.”)

He is the creator of the NSNG (no sugar no grain) plan.  I’ve definitely cut way down on both sugar and grains since talking to him, but I’m doing it gradually.   I find out through trial and error time and time again that big changes don’t work for for.  I make myself crazy.

So last night we tried quinoa for the first time.  Vinnie frequently rants about this grain, saying “F*#k quinoa!”  He gets frustrated because people don’t think it counts as a grain because it has a more more protein than other starches.

I now agree with his statement, but for other reasons.  It’s gross.

I used a mix in a little jar I picked up at Home Goods/Marshalls.  It’s lemon and herb flavored.   All natural (just quinoa, lemon, toasted onions, potatoes, mustard seeds, herbs and spices on the ingrediants list) and gluten free.



It was gross.   My daughter and her friend came out of her room to see what the terrible smell was while it was cooking.    It wasn’t appealing in looks or texture. And the taste?  Just no.

Maybe I’ll try it plain one day, but we certainly didn’t care for this mix.  I think I held the record for the most eaten last night at three bites.  My daughter wouldn’t even try it and her friend only got in one bite.

Do you like it or are you in the “F quinoa” camp?  If you like it, how do you cook it?

By the way, Vinnie Tortorich’s book “Fitness Confidential” is on sale on Amazon right now!  Just $2.99 for the e-book version!

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