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Vacation eating – it wasn’t pretty!

I just spent a glorious long weekend at a woman’s retreat. I had a blast, but my vacation eating wasn’t pretty!

And the thing is….I checked out and was doing vacation eating for about two weeks before I went and am still doing it now.

The retreat was for moms of children who have special needs due to early childhood trauma. Parenting special needs is hard. Exhausting. Overwhelming. Frustrating. Lonely.

The retreat was amazing. We get each other. We laughed. Some cried and that was okay. They were soon laughing again.

I caught up with old friends and made new ones. I enjoyed a bed all to myself without worrying what kid or cat were up to while I was trying to sleep. I spent hours in the hot tub. I read. I giggled. I gained lots of knew knowledge.

And I ate.



Chips and dip.




Mexican food.

Indian Food.

More chip and dip, sweets and pizza.


Other than some salsa and a banana, there was no produce the whole weekend.

Time to shake it off and get back on track!!!!

Do you have any tips for getting back on the wagon after disastrous vacation eating?

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