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  1. Michelle

    Bonnie is one of the most amazing mothers I have ever met! Blake gets his strength from her! Great job Bon!

  2. Ottermom

    I see myself in her post so much, but in my case it was a child who was diagnosed just after age 2 with one of the more extreme cases of asthma that her doctor had seen – that is, the 3rd doctor (the specialist) who we were only sent to because her pediatrician got tired of telling me that she was fine and that he knew best because after all he “is a doctor and the parent of an asthmatic child” and since his daughter didn’t look like mine did, I was obviously making it up and imagining things. Except I wasn’t. The specialist took one look at her and immediately sent us for a chest x-ray, she had so much fluid in her lungs that he nearly hospitalized her with pneumonia and he was furious that the pediatrician had acted the way he did. The pediatrician did NOT like the phone call he got from me, I spoke to his nurse who was so shocked that he’d treated us that way and I could hear her telling the rest of the staff what he’d said to us and what the specialist said when she hung up the phone. We have to be our children’s advocates, especially when something harmless could actually kill them. Such as when the daycare worker kept giving my daughter chocolate even though it was a huge allergy for her. Each year at school, I had to give her teachers a huge list of her allergies and then explain how serious we were about it because it is very serious. I went on all the field trips. But that’s what it took to allow her to go. She had very few sleepovers because most people refused to believe it was as bad as it was, with the exception of a fellow girl scout troop leader who was dealing with similar asthma issues with her own daughter. I was my daughter’s girl scout troop leader, I probably would have been involved with it anyway but maybe not as the leader – but that’s what it took so she could participate and be healthy. It was rough at times but we did what we had to do even though people thought we were just overprotective and she’s now 24, healthy and thriving. But she still remembers hearing that asthma is just a cough and that she was just faking it when she couldn’t finish karate class – sorry, but when you have blue lips and fingernails it’s because you are not getting enough oxygen and not because you are faking it! She remembers the times when she couldn’t breathe and told me recently that she wasn’t sure she would live a few times. That was hard to hear as her mother. She was on medication for years, she took allergy shots for years, she had a nebulizer that went everywhere with her, multiple inhalers and I think she still has a typed list of her allergies in her purse.

  3. Phoebe

    I cried reading this. This is everything I am. All the things I worry about. My son was diagnosed 13.01.13 I wish it had of been me instead. My heart brakes and I don’t feel like I will ever stop feeling broken for him


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