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Thanksgiving on a budget: Turkey Day dinner for under $50

Let’s talk Thanksgiving on a budget.  Yes, it’s possible. If you’re dreading hitting the grocery store for all the fixings for your big holiday meal, take a deep breath and relax.  We’ve got you covered.  Jeanette Pavini of has created a menu to serve Thanksgiving dinner to 10 for under $50!!!

I’m always telling my daughter we need to go on a “money diet.”  Budgeting does not come easily to me.  Spending freely does!  Thankfully my husband is better at it or we’d be in big trouble!  I tend to just throw things in the cart without a plan and not worrying about the cost then feel the sting at the register.  I’ve pledged to do better and these holiday savings tips will get me off to a great start!


Here are Pavini’s top tips for saving money on holiday meals.  They can be applied to feeding your family all year.

Thanksgiving on a Budget Tips:

Don’t overdo it! Search online for a meat calculator. Enter the number of kids and adults and find out exactly how many pounds you will need. It will even tell you how much gravy and stuffing is necessary for the meal.  If you’re only serving a few, don’t feel obligated to buy the whole turkey, a turkey breast will do the job.

Price matching can apply to turkeys too. For example, Safeway guarantees the lowest price on frozen turkeys and will match a competitor’s price when you show their ad or coupon.

Build your menu around “loss leader” items: The prices of certain foods have gone up this holiday season, but grocery stores have “loss leaders” or items on sale at below cost that they use to lure you into the store. The good news is turkey is often a loss leader this time of year.

Use social media! Be sure to check out the Facebook and Twitter accounts for your favorite coupon sites, stores and manufacturers.  Many times, you will hear about upcoming sales and promotions before they are announced, plus get special insider coupons!

Click here for Pavini’s complete Thanksgiving on a budget meal plan..

Happy Turkey Day!

thanksgiving on a budget

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