Planet Fitness Review From a 40-year-old Overweight Mom

Planet Fitness Review from a 40-year-old overweight mom

This isn’t a sponsored post.  I just thought I’d do a quick Planet Fitness review in case anyone is interested.  I’m always looking for reviews before I plop down money to try something new. The last few years of crisis and conflict have left me run down.  It’s time to get my body healthier and […]

Best exercise DVDS for overweight people

Best exercise dvds for overweight people

  I’ve Googled “best exercise dvds for overweight people” many times for ideas of new workout routines.  I like DVDS and had collected a pretty big library.  They let me do a variety of workouts all from the comfort of my garage, where I had a TV, DVD player and squishy floor mats. (This post […]

Giving thanks for health, fitness and food finds!

Men are in my garage putting together a new treadmill at this very moment.  My daughter was so excited she didn’t sleep last night.  The new addition to our healthy lifestyle strides has made me give thanks for other health, fitness and food finds this morning.  Here are my top ten. 1. Good shoes. I […]

Fat girls on bicycles

The talk radio show I listen to in the car played a song repeatedly a few years ago about fat girls riding bicycles.  Oh, I just looked up on YouTube.  It’s actually called “Fat Girls On Bicycles.”   And it could be about me. My daughter and I got new bikes last week! I’m still […]