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Giving thanks for health, fitness and food finds!

Men are in my garage putting together a new treadmill at this very moment.  My daughter was so excited she didn’t sleep last night.  The new addition to our healthy lifestyle strides has made me give thanks for other health, fitness and food finds this morning.  Here are my top ten.

1. Good shoes. I recently went on an epic search for new workout shoes. I needed an eleven wide and there were extremely few options available in stores. I ended up ordering a pair of New Balance online.

2.  My FitBit.  It keeps me motivated to move.  The thing is sturdy, too!  It went through the washer and drying without problem.  My daughter and I walked over 12 miles at Disney World one day – that’s our record so far!

Fitbit One

3. Easy snacks. I need things I can grab quickly, but are tasty enough to deter me from junk food. NatureBox delivers them right to my door!

4. Cute workout clothes help me stay motivated – even though I mostly exercise at home. I look for big sales on top brands like Reebok and Adidas. I have some Adidas tanks with built-in bras that have been going strong for years.

5. New clothes! I’m already saving up for a shopping spree and looking for great deals from my favorite online shops like Zulily and Modcloth.

6. Empowering t-shirts. Wonder Woman socks or a Super Girl t-shirt makes me feel stronger and faster. Cafe Press lets you design your own empowering design.

Support the First Avenger as he battles to defeat the Winter Soldier

7. Protein shakes. They are perfect for a quick meal after a workout to refuel and satisfy my sweet tooth.

Diet and Weight Loss

8. Fruit!!! Speaking of satisfying a sweet tooth, nothing does it better than fruit for me. Apples, oranges, pineapple, grapes, whatever. I love it all. (But I’m allergic to mango.)

9. Workout DVDS. It’s hard to get motivated to exercise when you’re bored of your routine. DVDs keep it interesting.

10. My daughter! She pushes me to do more, go harder, go faster – just to do it in general.

What are your favorite health, fitness and food finds?
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