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So I’m reading Giuliana Rancic’s new book… #goingoffscript

giuliana rancic

I’m reading Giuliana Rancic’s new book, “Going Off Script.” I used to watch her on E! during my lunch breaks way back when I worked outside the home. I had a period where I was obsessed with celebrity gossip way before I started writing about it for money.

I like Giuliana.   There’s something about her… she seems “real” to me.  My husband and I watched that first season of “The Apprentice,” in which her now husband, Bill Rancic, won.  I’ve enjoyed watching their love story.  I appreciate her openness with her cancer and infertility struggles.

I’ve defended her when people attack her weight, saying skinny shaming is just as bad as fat shaming.  I pitched an essay about it to XOJane.  I haven’t heard back – probably because I spelled her name wrong (Guiliana) throughout the whole thing.

She is one of my favorite celebrities to write about because she’s a frequent social media poster.   This makes coming up with a story easy.  She’s been working the media circuit for her book, so I threw up an article centered around her saying, “I eat burgers.  They aren’t working this week.”  Read about Giuliana Rancic eating burgers here.

So now I’m reading her book….

I was intrigued because the subtitle says she survived a crazy childhood.  My childhood was crazy dysfunctional.  I thought I was going to discover we had something in common.

Nope.  I guess crazy is in the eye of the beholder.

I’d say her childhood was filled with rebellion and indulgence.  She grew up wealthy and spoiled, stealing cars and sneaking out.

I’m hoping she learns some lessons and becomes a better person because I’m not liking the early years of Giuliana Rancic.  She’s about to graduate high school where I am in the book, so I’ll stick with it.   I’m hoping it doesn’t change my opinion of her.

I just can’t relate to her right now.


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