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Review: Healthy Snacks from CVS Gold Emblem Abound line

healthy snacks
CVS Gold Emblem Abound snacks


I was recently sent a big box of snacks to sample.  I love getting goodies in the mail.  Such a nice way to make the day a bit happier and more interesting!

CVS/pharmacy has a healthier food line called Gold Emblem Abound that offers customers affordable, great tasting products.  Now those who want healthy snacks don’t have to make an extra trip to specialty food stores.  CVS is making it easier for everyday shoppers to opt for more nutritional choices. The line was designed to have options for each individual shopper’s dietary needs including gluten free, cholesterol free, high in fiber, etc. And it’s convenient  to grab on-the-go at any of the 7,800 CVS locations across the U.S. while you are already in store refilling prescriptions, stocking up on toothpaste, etc. In addition, the products are free of all artificial preservatives and flavors and are made with wholesome ingredients.

The line includes raw nuts, nut clusters, dried fruit, fruit bars, oatmeal, rice crackers, trail mix and more. I received instant maple and brown sugar oatmeal, fruit twists, fruit bars, plain rice crackers, barbecue rice crackers and chili lime rice crackers.

I’d never had rice crackers before.  I had some of the plain with lunch one day, topped with tuna.  They were a good vehicle to get the tuna to my mouth while adding a bit of crunch and a much healthier option than Ritz Crackers.

The fruit twists are awesome.  More yummy than Twizzlers.  Seriously.  I popped a couple in my purse to enjoy with a kid’s size popcorn at the movies.

I love CVS’s rewards program.  I get excited like I’m playing a slot machine when I scan my card and it spits out coupons.  These healthier snack options will be the new way I spend my rewards bucks.

Here’s a link for a CVS Gold Emblem Abound healthy snacks coupon.  Let me know what you try and what you think!

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