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Pickles at the ocean and other beach food

I live in Florida and have my entire life.  I have never gotten used to the heat, but snow has zero appeal to me, so I’ll stay put.  Since school is out and I work from home (as my own boss, thus with a flexible schedule), we’ve been hitting the beach most days.  We’ve been packing snacks.  Here are some of our favorite beach food.beach snacks

  • Fruit (we are currently obsessed with necterines, peaches and plums)
  • Lunchables (yes, they are highly processed, but I pick them up for a treat once in a while when they are on sale.  They make for an easy, protein-rich on the go snack for kiddos)
  • Frozen water bottles (Cold water as the ice melts!)
  • Crackers
  • PB&J Sandwiches

All of the sunshine and catching waves works up the appetite.  What’s your favorite beach food?

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