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My last 10 Instagram shots

I confess: I have a slight Instagram obsession. I love posting and then checking to see how many people click that little heart to say they like my photo.

I try to post at least one photo daily.  It’s usually multiple photos.  Sometimes several right in a row.

I know that’s probably bad etiquette. I’m not studied on the best practices of Instagram.  I’m sure I’m not using it to its full potential as a marketing tool.

I just really like when people like my photos.

And if they comment?


Working from home has me starved for attention, I guess.

Here’s what I post the most on Instagram:

Selfies –

My teenage daughter tells me I’m a horrible selfie taker, but I snap them and post them on Instagram anyway.  I post sweaty ones after my workouts because I’m proud of my hard work.  I also post a lot showing my hair in different ways because it’s only recently become long enough to do anything with.

First day of #focust25 #t25 after wrapping up #21dayfix yesterday. I died. #shawnt

A photo posted by Rachael Moshman (@shrinkingmomster) on

Photos of cats – I have four cats.  It’s #caturdayeverday at my house.

#caturdayeveryday #catsofinstagram #catsofig #instacat

A photo posted by Rachael Moshman (@shrinkingmomster) on

Food –

I’m making a big effort to serve healthier, less processed foods.  Taking photos keeps me accountable and those likes motivate me.  I’m not perfect, though.  We still eat junk sometimes and I document that as well.

#lunch #nsng fueling after #focust25 #power #salad

A photo posted by Rachael Moshman (@shrinkingmomster) on

What I don’t post on Instgram:

Photos that show my daughter’s face.  She has her own account to share photos if she chooses. My personal Facebook page is loaded with shots of that beautiful girl, too.  Of course, I also refrain from posting photos that show her friend’s faces.

My last 10 Instagram photos:

  1. Screen shot of my article on XOJane about doing a boudoir photo shoot at 300 pounds
  2. Photo of a photo of my aunt’s cat, Kitty, with her tongue out
  3. Selfie in my new workout tank
  4. This morning’s breakfast:  Greek yogurt, blueberries, strawberries and vanilla almond granola
  5. Garbage can ice cream
  6. Sign at the ice cream shop
  7. Selfie in my Mary Lambert t-shirt
  8. My legs in fishnets and red pumps from my boudoir photo shoot
  9. Dining chairs my husband refinished yesterday
  10. Closeup of my daughter and her bestie holding hands at her doctor’s appointment

What do you post on Instagram?  Come follow me at shrinkingmomster.


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