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Mason jars keep fruits and veggies fresh longer

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Here’s what this smart momma has to say about providing healthy foods to her children by using mason jars.


I am a mom on a mission and I want to teach my girls to eat healthy. I am trying everything that I can and our new thing is mason jars full of healthy stuff in the fridge.

I do this for a few reasons.

Keep it fresh:  These mason jars actually keep the food fresh for longer. I had no idea until someone told me, but it works great! Who would have thought? I was shocked, but it does last longer.

Versatile time-saver:  You can use this concept for fruits and veggies. My youngest daughter can’t peel her own oranges so I do it ahead of time and put them in the jars for her. I also take grapes off the stems, wash them, and put them in the jars. This makes snack time easier on all of us plus makes them easier to add to their lunch box.

Visual appeal:  The kids decide they want a snack, they open the fridge, and right in their face are a ton of healthy snacks. How can they resist the gorgeous strawberries that mom already washed for them? They can’t do it and it makes them want to snack healthy!

Limits junk:  Also on days that I feel like they have had too much junk I will tell them you are limited to mason jar snacks. This isn’t mom being mean, but simply okay if you are going to eat something else let’s make it healthy.

Personally I feel like using mason jars has saved me time and money, but that isn’t the best part. Knowing that my girls have a healthy snack ready at all times and want to eat them is the whole reason I started using these jars in the first place.

How do you make fruits and veggies appealing in the fridge?

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