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5 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

Must have kitchen gadgets:


Instant Pot

You need an Instant Pot .  It will allow you to whip up whole dinners in a fraction of the time.  You can even throw in frozen meat and have dinner ready within the hour. instant pot

Ninja blender –

The Ninja kitchen system will be your best friend! Whip up a green juice or fruit smoothie. Make a frosty adult cocktail.  Whirl up salsa or hummus.  Blend a soup.  Mix dough for cookies or bread.  Chop nuts.  Ninja makes feeding your family quick and easy. green smoothies

Garlic press –

Love garlic put hate all that chopping?  A garlic press is the answer!  Rock the press over a clove and you’ve got minced garlic in seconds.  No smelly hands, no tedious knife work. garlic press

Berry baskets –

Berries are delicate.  Dampness causes them to mold and rot fast. But berry baskets are designed to help them stay fresh longer.  Problem solved! Gadgets that save you money by keeping produce fresh longer are a WIN! strawberries  

Microplane/Zester –

Citrus zest adds something special to just about any dish – both sweet and savory. Crisp has a 4-in-1 Zester tool with two zesters, a microplane and a small blade. And it’s not just for citrus – use it to shave chocolate or grate spices. zester  

Keep reading to find out my SECRETS to determining must have kitchen gadgets!  Then put these tips to work in your drawers to get the clutter under control.

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