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Kids review Snikiddy Snacks


I received a box of Snikiddy Snacks to review about six months ago and enlisted my daughter and her best friend to help me.  I just came across their notes and thought I’d share them with you.

They were very professional.  They each had a notebook and decided to judge appearance, smell and taste.  Each item got a rating and overall comments.


Mac ‘N Cheese Puffs

These did pretty well with a 6.5 out of 10.  They weren’t impressed with the smell or appearance. “Funky” and “nasty” were used.  They thought they tasted pretty okay, though.  “Like a puffy Cheeto with way less cheese.”

Baked Grilled Cheese Puffs

These didn’t do as well, coming in at a 3.5.  Again, they weren’t fans of the smell (“like throw up”) or appearance (“ugly”).  One girl thought they tasted “awful,” while the other didn’t think they had any taste at all.

Eat Your Vegetables Sea Salt and Lime Chips

Those are great reviews compared to what they thought of both of the bags of Eat Your Vegetables products we received.  These are a tortilla chip made with veggies.  The Sea Salt & Lime earned a score of 0 from the girls.  They said it “looks like a sad face,” smelled “gross” and tasted “AWFUL!!!!”

Eat Your Vegetables Italian Herb and Olive Oil

This was another score of zero.  “Looks like a fake Dorito.  Tastes: NOT a Dorito.”  They also said it smelled like “cleaning stuff” and had a “terrible” taste.

BBQ Baked Fries

This was their favorite of the six products by far.  It earned a 9.5.  “Smells and tastes like barbecue.”  “Beautiful!”

Sea Salt Baked Fries

They didn’t give this one a score.  It was the last one and I guess they were over it.  They did say it looked and tasted like a “dead fry” and had a “weird” smell.

I must say agree with them.  The cheese puffs were okay, but nothing special.  The Eat Y our Vegetable tortilla chips were just gross.  The BBQ fries had great seasoning, but the sea salt were pretty tasteless.

Sorry Snikiddy.  There are lots of healthy snacks that taste way better.

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