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Interview with chef Carla Hall (of “Top Chef” and “The Chew”)

Interview with Chef Carla Hall

I got to interview Carla Hall a few months ago.  I’ve been a fan every since she first appeared on “Top Chef.”  I’m busy working during the day, so I don’t get to catch her on “The Chew” very often, but I turn in when I happen to have a few minutes.  She always seems so upbeat and well…silly.  And I mean that as a compliment!  I like silly.

Carla loves casseroles.  She was in the midst of a promotion with Country Crock when I spoke to her.  I use real butter instead of spreads, but admit to occasionally buying the Country Crock tubs of sides (especially mashed potatoes).  Here’s what Carla had to say:

Let’s talk casseroles! What is that appeals to you about casseroles?

Casseroles are one-pot-wonders! You’ve got your protein, your starch, your veggies – it’s all in one dish. I love using Country Crock on the bottom to grease the pan, in the actual dish itself and then in the delicious crunchy topping! And then you’ve got that delicious crunchy topping! Mmmmm! What’s not to love!? There’s also so little cleanup involved and you can make them ahead. They’re great time-savers for busy moms.

I’m trying to rely less on processed and fast food, but am a busy working mom. Do you have any tips on throwing a casserole together quickly while still using wholesome ingredients?

Frozen vegetables are a perfect quick, simple and wholesome ingredient for any casserole. If you watched me on “Top Chef” you know that I’m a huge fan of peas – to this day I have them in my freezer at all time! Country Crock is also the perfect ingredient to make your casserole creamy and delicious instead of using a heavy creamy soup.

My 12-year-old daughter is developing an interest in cooking and baking. Do you have any tips for encouraging kids to get in the kitchen?

Yes! Simply ask her what she wants to make and then have her help you! And make sure you get her involved in the whole process – from planning what you’ll make together to shopping for the ingredients and then cooking together in the kitchen! Believe me, you will not be sorry when she’s making the meal and you’re watching TV or reading!

Read the whole interview with Carla Hall here.

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