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Talk-to-text woes: I’m buried in enchiladas

I’m buried in enchiladas. Please send sour cream.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 Active. Ya know, cuz I’m super outdoorsy and active.


Nope, I’m really clumsy and the salesperson said it would hold up better.

I once ruined a phone by spilling a whole bottle of water in my purse, drowning it. The S5 Active has this little flap that’s supposed to keep water out.

I broke that piece off the second day I owned the phone.


Anyway, I’m forever either using  Voice to Text to type my emails, messages, texts, status updates, etc.  This is constantly getting me in trouble.

Like the time I texted my daughter that I packed extra LICE in her school lunch when I meant love.  Her response?  “Gross, Momma.”

Last week I emailed someone to apologize for the delay in responding to them.  I explained that I’ve been buried in emails since returning from BlogHer and being sick.

At least that’s what I meant to send.

I actually wrote, “I’m buried in enchiladas.”

Sounds delicious right?  And warm.

I caught that one before hitting send.

And I caught one today that would have been really awkward.

I was messaging with a friend on Facebook and said “I have her beat.”

The talk-to-text read “I have herpes.”

My poor daughter, though.   I’m not as diligent about proofing what I send her.  That’s how it came to be that I called my sweet baby girl “little pervert” in a recent text when I meant “little peanut.”   Her response?  Again, “Gross, Momma.”

So if you see something funky from me here on the blog or on social media, I’m probably using talk-to-text (poorly).  Or I’m buried in enchiladas.  Send sour cream.




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