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I met Khloe Kardashian: My take on the baby bump

I met Khloe Kardashian at the BlogHer conference last month.  Those of us who waited in line to meet the reality TV star were looked down upon by many of those who didn’t.  khloe kardashian

I had a post about adoption featured on not long before the conference.  It was about my daughter getting comfort from hearing about struggles Angelina Jolie’s adopted kids have because it lets her know she isn’t alone.  I mentioned even though she knows the Kardashian’s she hadn’t heard of Jolie before “Maleficent” came out.

The first comment on the post was, “Why would you let your 13 year old daughter watch those skanky, trashy Kardashians? They are not role models.”  Way to totally miss the point, much?

I freely admit it – I follow celebrity gossip.  I did it long before I had a celebrity title on and staying in the celeb loop was part of my job.  I like fluff.  Entertaining, mind numbing fluffs.   So the Kardashian’s are right up my alley.

I don’t watch the show regularly, but I’ve tuned in several times while I’m procrastinating at home in the mornings.  I also subscribe to US Weekly, so Kardashian news is delivered right to my mailbox.  (My daughter has watched maybe two episodes of the show and occasionally flips through celebrity gossip magazines.  If that makes me a bad parent, I better keep quiet about so much other stuff I do!)

I don’t have a favorite Kardashian.  They are like cartoon characters to me, not people I relate to in any way.  Several people waiting in line to meet Khloe mentioned she’s their favorite, though.

Hairfinity is the sponsor that brought Khloe to the conference.  It was quite the spectacle.  She came with an entourage of guards.  They were extremely serious, as if they were guarding the queen.  I even heard ramblings of them manhandling bloggers in line at the Chuck E. Cheese prize wheel because they were getting too close to Khloe’s area.

Ms. Kardashian did a live blog before she started the meet and greet.  I waited about an hour in line while she was doing this.   An internal dialogue was running for about 45 minutes of it.

“Why are you waiting in line?  There are other things you could be doing.”

 “But it will be cool to say I met Khloe Kardashian!  My daughter can brag about it at middle school and her best friend’s mom will be excited because she’s a big fan.”

The line moved lightning fast once she started greeting.  That’s because  there was a strict system:

  1. put your bags down in designated spot
  2. hand worker your phone
  3. stand next to Khloe when you were called
  4. smile
  5. collect your bags and camera
  6. move along

There was no time for conversation.  She was only taking photos for 30 minutes and the line curled around the expo center.  The Hairfinity people and Kardashian guard’s were organized and efficient at quickly getting people through the line.

Khloe posed exactly the same in every single photo I’ve seen.  Body angled, one knee out, hand on leg, chin down.

So now the big question:  Did Khloe Kardashian have a baby bump when I stood right next to her at the BlogHer conference on July 26?  Drum roll please……

I didn’t detect one.


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