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I made homemade cheese! I don’t even know who I am…

homemade cheese

I don’t even know who I am anymore. I’ve started cooking much more often. A whole chicken was sliced for dinner one night, then turned into both chicken salad and chicken soup later in the week. So domestic.

But the kicker? I made cheese.


Freaking homemade cheese.

I admit it wasn’t supposed to be crumbly cheese.  It was supposed to be a soft wet cheese.

It was supposed to be goat cheese, actually.  My daughter picked out a Chevre Goat DIY Cheese Kit at the bookstore.

(Yes, at the bookstore.)

But we couldn’t find any goat milk. The kit called for a gallon of it. We’d already bought the kit, so I just went with regular ‘ol cow milk.

Actually, it was lactose free cow milk.

Surprise, surprise – it did NOT make goat cheese.

Maybe we got overzealous with our straining.

Cuz we got that cheese DRY.

But it tastes good!

I’ve been using it like feta.

Homemade cheese, ya’ll!

Any ideas on what I did to make it go funky? Except, you know, use regular milk when it called for goat milk?

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