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You need these 10 last minute holiday sanity savers right now

Christmas is almost here!  Are you running around like crazy?  Do you need some holiday sanity savers?  I’m taking the holidays so low key this year.  It’s just me, my teenage daughter and our fur babies.  But I have some ideas for you!

I suggest these last minute holiday sanity savers if you’re feeling stressed.

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Treat yourself to good coffee.

Lots of coffee.  I have a huge crush on the good people over at Ninja.  I’ve been a big fan of their blenders for years and then they recently sent me the Ninja Coffee Bar System and my love grew.

The Amazing Ninja Coffee Bar System - you need this in your life right now.

One word: AMAZING.

Okay, three more words: built-in milk frother.


You can make anything from a super concentrated four ounce serving to a full pot.  The Ninja Coffee Bar has a special setting for making coffee to pour over ice and comes with a tumbler (complete with lid and straw) to brew it into.  Choose your desired strength and serving size and amazing coffee will be yours in minutes.

Froth your milk while you wait.

I sipped coffee and munched on an English muffin with jam and a sausage patty while making out some last-minute Hallmark Signature cards.   They are so pretty – bells, glitter, sequins, oh my!

Hallmark signature holiday cards

Use Amazon Prime.

Don’t have Amazon Prime?   Well, click here to get it for free:  Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial  Amazon Prime means whatever you need or desire can be at your door within two days without you having to leave the house to hunt it down.

Last minute gift ideas like a Pie Face game for your nephew, Elsa slippers for your daughter, that Michael Kors purse your mom has been pining for or a hot sauce sampler for your brother are no problem!

But don’t stop at gifts!!!  I love ordering heavy or bulky stuff like fancy sparkling water, dog food, kitty litter and toilet paper.

Get cheater lights.

My daughter was bummed our house wasn’t looking very festive so we got cheater lights.

Yup, we bought a Star Shower!

It’s a cool contraption that projects lights onto our house like magic.

We also stuck some solar powered lights on our bushes.  Easy peasy.

Evaluate your traditions.

Keep it simple – and meaningful!  Don’t stress over big, elaborate meals, formal photo shoots or other traditions that don’t spark joy.  Get a store-bought holiday meal and spend time making memories that are fun for everyone – you included.

Lower your standards.

I’m in what seems like a never-ending process of decluttering and deorganizing.  People won’t pin my decorations, tree or cooking on Pinterest.  My house is messy.  Guess what?  That’s okay!  Your house is okay, too!

Bribe your kids.

I’m self-employed.  If I stop working just because my kid is out of school and the holidays are upon us, there will be no money to feed Santa’s reindeer. So I’ve enlisted my kid to help with both work and household chores.

Sometimes I pay cold hard cash.  Other times the reward is letting her off the hook for a messy bedroom, buying her some makeup brushes or driving her and pals to the mall.

If her friends are over, they get jobs, too.  The more the merrier!

Use gift bags and gift boxes instead of wrapping paper.

I am over wrapping gifts.  I suck at it and it takes too much time.  Gift boxes and gift bags for everything at our house!

I buy them in bulk from Amazon.  (Yup, you still have time with Amazon Prime! Again… Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial)

And if I am low on tissue paper, I just staple the bags shut.

Live in comfy holiday clothes.

I’m all about cheap holiday leggings right now.  Amazon, Bealls Outlet, Walmart, Target – they’re everywhere.  Today I’m wearing kitty cats with big classes like Ralphie from “A Christmas Story.”   I’m also all about graphic tees.  My favorite features a Christmas tree and says “Let’s get lit.”  My friend squealed while we were at Walmart the other day and she found the perfect unicorn ugly sweater.  Be comfy and festive!  That’s winning.

Embrace giving.

My daughter and I both love giving.  We made and delivered hygiene and comfort bags for a homeless shelter with her friends.  We’ve forgone gifts to each other and shopped for struggling families instead.  She’s used several months of allowance to put together makeup bags for teen girls who might get overlooked this holiday season.  Focusing on doing good is the best way to avoid the holiday craziness.  

Don’t participate in the crazy.

#1 tip of all holiday sanity savers?  Just don’t go insane.  Opt out.  Keep it simple.  Enjoy relaxing and spending time with those you love in ways that don’t cause stress and frenzy.  I asked my teenager her favorite holiday memories.  She said making reindeer food and picking a child from the angel tree in the mall.  Reindeer food is oats mixed with sprinkles we toss in the yard on Christmas eve.  But that easy peasy tradition made the top of her list.   You don’t have to do all.the.things for it to be a great holiday.

So to recap:  Treat yourself to fancy coffee.  Use Amazon Prime.  Wear comfy clothes.  Utilize gift bags and boxes instead of wrapping.  Keep traditions simple and meaningful.  Lower your standards.  Bribe your kids.  Cheat on things like hanging lights.  Be generous.  Opt out of the crazy.

These sanity savers are good for all year, not just the holidays.


Top 10 Last Minute Holiday Sanity Savers



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