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Healthy Eating Tips for Chinese Take Out or Buffet

This is a guest post from Mandy Robinson.  Mandy has her own website She shares the best in entertainment news, reality spoilers and celeb gossip on her site.

healthy Chinese food

When you are dieting, sometimes it is hard to give up everything you love. Chinese food is one of those things that some people don’t want to give up. It is really convenient to order it to your home, pick it up to go or to just go out for a nice buffet sometimes. Here are some great tips to be able to still eat Chinese and stay healthy.
One of the easiest things you can do is pick the steamed rice over the fried rice. That is healthier for you. Egg drop soup is really low in calories and is a good choice. If you are trying to watch your sodium, don’t eat a lot of this one though because it is packed full of salt.

Stay away from all of the crunchy deep fried items. Egg rolls, wontons and fried biscuits might seem harmless but they are fried which makes them a big no no. You will want to avoid all of the items with the word fried in them. Remember steamed is always healthier. Also stay away from the lomein and chow mein. They are cooked in a ton of oil and you could go over 1,000 calories easy if you eat a big bowl of these.

Kung Pao Chicken is not fried at all. It is also full of vegetables so it is a good choice. Peking Duck is also a great choice because it doesn’t have a ton of crazy sauce on it and is packed full of protein.

Dumplings may look like a great choice but they aren’t always that good for you. They are packed full of calories. If you really want to eat them, get the veggie ones to save on calories. Wonton soup is actually the best way to enjoy a few dumplings for low calories.

The main thing to do when eating Chinese food is to remember to not over eat. It will be easy to eat an entire entrée or fill your plate more than once. The best way to do this is to get one small plate of the best choices and enjoy it. You can eat a small bowl of wonton soup along with it and this will make a very fulfilling meal. Most Chinese buffets over fruit that you can choose for your dessert.


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