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What to Do When You Hate Football And Everyone Else Watches

What to do when you hate football and everyone else wants to watch

I hate football. Sports are not my thing. I’m not into watching them live or on TV. Or playing sports myself.

But I know lots of people are very into sports – especially football. I can’t keep track of all of the team names – NFL or college?  And I can’t match teams to the city or university.

The only football player I can name is Tom Brady and that’s only because my friend Nicole has huge hate for him.  Apparently, he ruins her birthday every year.  I love Nicole – and birthdays – and so I hate Tom Brady, too.

I watched the Super Bowl with her and her husband.   It was my first time ever watching a whole football game – and it was Nicole’s birthday.  I was so very bored.  And Nicole got pissed at Mr. Brady, the birthday ruiner.

So when she asked me to come over for the kickoff of college football, I came prepared.

When you hate football, but want to hang out with your friends

It was the University of Florida Gators vs Miami Hurricanes.  Nicole and her husband are both from Gainesville, Gators territory, so I knew which team we wanted to win.  I also knew they were going to actually be watching the game.  So I came prepared.

I brought beer I knew I’d like.  I’m a picky beer drinker, but Founder’s Mas Agave tastes like a margarita.  Yum!

Founder's Mas Agave

I also packed a tote bag with coloring books, glitter crayons, pens, notebooks and my planner.

Yup, I brought drinks and items to entertain myself like a toddler.

My nest has recently emptied and I was super excited to spend the evening with my friends, even if I hate football.  I happily colored, made to do lists and planned out my week while they watched the game.

Both of my girls saw photos on my Snapchat story of a TV with football on it.  They each reached out in concern.  Why are you watching football?  Are you okay?  Have you been kidnapped?  Do you even know what teams are playing?

I picked up some tidbits about the game, enjoyed the company and created some masterpieces.

Coloring during football

When you hate football, but want to hang out

Coloring to pass the time because you hate football


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