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Gwen Stefani’s new album: “This Is What the Truth Feels Like”

I realized how quickly time passes while listening to Gwen Stefani’s new album “This Is What The Truth Feels Like.”

Gwen Stefani "This Is What the Truth Feels Like"

First of all, I don’t really get why I call things albums when I haven’t owned a record since Rainbow Brite’s workout when I was five.  I was a 90s teen, which meant I was all about cds, so I’m not sure where album comes in.

Which brings us to my second realization…I was listening to Gwen Stefani as a teen in the 90s.  She was the lead singer of “No Doubt” back then and “Tragic Kingdom” was the soundtrack to my senior year of high school.

That was 1996.

20 years ago.

So, yeah, Gwen and I go waaaaay back, both still full of sass and spunk.

Gwen Stefani - still the cool girl

And Gwen is still the cool girl we all want to hang out with and be more like.

But she’s also human and that’s shown loud and clear this past year.

Even superstars like Gwen Stefani have their world’s crumble under them.

Rumor has it her husband cheated on her with the nanny.

I admit, I spent my first listen of “This Is What the Truth Feels Like” trying to read between the lines for a glimpse into her personal life.

And then I just got lost in the music.

Gwen Stefani’s new cd is just what you want it to be.  You’ll have a hard time not dancing and singing along from the very first time hitting “play.”

You’ll hear the No Doubt vibes, but as with everything Gwen does, it’s cool, hip and totally current.  My teen daughter walked in while I was listening and started grooving instantly.

There isn’t a much better review than a teen girl liking the same music as her mom.

My favorite song is “Make Me Like You.” Retro, modern, futuristic, whimsical – all at the same time.

This Is What The Truth Feels Like” will lift you up and make you smile.  Buy it:

I participated in this sponsored album review program as a member of One2One Network. I was provided the album to review but all opinions are my own.  Post contains affiliate links.

Gwen Stefani

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