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Grain-free, gluten-free home from school kid lunch

My daughter is home from school today.  At 12:30 I realized I should probably think about making that kid lunch before she barged into the kitchen starving  and put together her own meal.

I left her to her own devices for breakfast, which lead to her eating two chocolate cupcakes.

Here’s what I threw together:

  • Deli oven roasted turkey breast
  • Green grapes
  • A hard boiled egg white (she hates the yolk) with salt and pepper
  • Tomato chunks and cucumber slices topped with a little lemon vinaigrette
  • Half an avocado


This kid lunch was gluten-free and grain-free, something I’m trying to move us towards.

Even better?  It was a hit!  She ate all the veggies without complaining, which is rare.

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