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Food conference: #BlogHerFood Miami

I was invited to attend the BogHer Food conference in Miami for free this weekend as a volunteer  I brought along my daughter and her BFF.  The girls are both 13.  We also brought our 2-year-old rescue terrier mix, Ellie.

I spent the morning playing the Will Smith Miami song over and over on YouTube before we left.  The girls were unimpressed.  Ellie road shotgun (buckled into the seat belt) the three hour drive to Miami while the girls read, colored (no, they aren’t too big – I love it, too!) and napped in the back.

We stayed at the Epic Hotel, which is beautiful.  And pet-friendly.  Great service with friendly staff, too.

Miami  traffic isn’t my favorite.  I’m not used to driving in a city.  We took some really nice, long walks along the riverfront, though.

I don’t consider myself a food blogger.   Sure, I write about food sometimes, but it isn’t my specialty.  The conference was a bit out of my league and over my head.

My favorite part of blogging conferences is meeting other bloggers and connecting with brands.  I was able to do that, so it was a successful conference for me!

And, oh, the food samples.  I ate so much there (cheese!  brownie brittle!  iced coffee!  smoothies!  chocolate cake!) and was sent home with bags of goodies.

The girls helped me hand out swag bags, which was a lot of fun.  We tried new flavors at a lunch sponsored by McCormick.


I watched several cooking demonstrations, got a surprising tip for taking great food photos, heard about some great products and learned about Pinterest.  I look forward to sharing more with you in the coming weeks.

Have you ever attended a food conference (BlogHer Food or otherwise)?

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