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Fashion advice: 7 Ways to Go from Frumpy to Fab In Seconds

I am not one of those ladies who can’t leave the house without a full face of makeup and elaborate hairstyle. In fact, I’m feeling good if I’m wearing undergarments these days! And yet I’m about to give you some fashion advice!

Once in a while, I find myself in a situation where I wish I would have taken the time to dress better, so I’ve thought of  a little kit of items that can quickly help me feel a bit more put together. Keep these things in your purse or car to go from frumpy to fab in seconds.

fashion advice

Gum.  I admit it, I occasionally run out without remembering to brush my teeth. I keep gum in both my car and purse for anytime my breath needs a boost of freshness.

Deodorant.  It’s hot in Florida! It’s easy to get sticky, sweaty and stinky!I learned the hard way to keep this in my purse instead of my glove compartment after a tube of solid deodorant turned to molten liquid in my car.

Lip gloss, mascara and moisturizer. The moisturizer takes care of dry, dull skin. Mascara makes me look more awake and the gloss adds a bit of color. I once ducked into the bathroom at the coffee shop to apply a bit of makeup after seeing someone I went to high school with in line looking like a supermodel on a Saturday morning.

Sparkly hair accessories.  I have short hair that is easy to finger comb. A cute barrette or headband can make my hair look like I actually put effort into it (even though I didn’t). I even borrow my daughter’s headband with the faux peacock feathers attached to it. I actually get a lot of compliments on it!

Silver ballet flats. I live in flip flops, but I keep these in the car for when my bare feet seem under-dressed. Silver is more special than boring black flats, but still goes with everything. My sweats even look a little more formal with metallic ballet slippers.

A  belted cardigan. Sometimes I leave it open, but having the option to close it is great when I realize my t-shirt has jelly stains on it from my daughter hugging me at breakfast. The belt makes it more formal – cuz belts take extra effort and all.  I love wearing the cardigan with yoga pants.  People think I’m looking stylish even after hitting the gym (even though I haven’t actually been to the gym in ages).

Ornate brooches.  I keep a couple of large, fancy brooches in my purse. They add interest to any outfit. My favorite pin is a big, bejeweled fly that belonged to my grandmother. When people are focused on that, they don’t notice the rest of me is a mess!

If I’m feeling self-conscious, I simply need to excuse myself to my car or the bathroom for a couple of quick improvements. It’s amazing what a shiny pin, cute shoes and a little lip gloss can accomplish! Now, if only I could find the motivation to put that time into getting ready before I leave the house!

What are your secrets to looking pulled together in a jiffy?

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