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Embracing the Danish Hygge Coziness While Waiting for Hurricane Dorian

Hygge coziness

Have you heard of the Danish coziness method called Hygge?  I read about it a while back and thought it sounded great.

I live on the East coast of Florida. With Hurricane Dorian approaching I tried to lure people to my house to stay with me. I’m a Florida native, but this was my first one on my own. I got divorced last year and my kiddos left for college last month.  I decided not to evacuate, and since I couldn’t convince anyone to leave the comfort of their own homes to hang out with me and my pets for days on end, I decided to make the best of being cooped up.

So I put hygge into effect while waiting for Hurricane Dorian, which is moving incredibly slow.

What is hygge?

Hygge is all about relaxation, comfort, happiness and warmness.  It’s like hugging your own soul.  It sounded like the perfect way to wait out a long, scary storm after a week of busy hurricane prep.

Day 1 of waiting out the hurricane started late in the morning.  The shutters make my house super dark and I slept way late.

Hygge coziness while waiting out a storm

Then I lit some candles, put on my comfiest lounge dress, grabbed a blanket and hunkered down on the couch.  My dogs also were very excited to embrace hygge.

Dogs embracing hygge

I thought about what I wanted to eat.  Edamame was the answer.  I had a bag of frozen pods in the freezer.  I microwaved them, topped with pink Himalayan salt and munched on them while watching Netflix.

Edamame with pink Himalayan sea salt

After a few hours of being wrapped up in my softest blanket binge watching Workin’ Moms by candlelight on the couch, I was hungry again.  I thought about what would be hygge, warm to my soul.  So I checked the fridge and decided to use up leftover veggies in case I lost electricity during Hurricane Dorian.

I made a big pot of soup with chicken stock, garlic, onion, potato, carrot, kale, frozen riced cauliflower, chipotle chili powder, ancho chili powder and basil from my Aerogarden.

Veggie soup for hygge coziness

A while later, I remembered I had break and bake cookie dough in the fridge.  There is no better hug for the soul than warm chocolate chip cookies!


Warm chocolate chip cookies


Would I hygge again?

Spending a day deliberately relaxing and doing things to make myself cozy was awesome.  Yes, I’ll totally do this again.  I hope to embrace it on a smaller scale in my daily life.

I walked the dogs several times throughout the day.  And peed a whole lot because I was sipping lots of water with lime.  Other than that, I did a whole lot of chilling on the couch.  Before I knew it, I was on season 3 of Workin’ Moms, had a belly full of yummy food and it was midnight.  I took a hot, steamy shower with rose water body wash, slathered on lotion and went to bed to spend another day hunkered down waiting out hurricane Dorian.

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