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The Chairy Orchard in Denton, Texas

Denton, Texas: The Chairy Orchard

I’m visiting my daughter who attends the University of North Texas. I love going to the Chairy Orchard every time I visit. Googling “Things to do in Denton, Texas” is how I originally found it when we flew out for freshman orientation in the summer of 2019.

I went alone that first time while one kiddo was at orientation and the other was sleeping at our hotel. I loved the Chairy Orchard so much I made both girls go back with me that afternoon. They weren’t as impressed. But I hope you’ll be!

What is a Chairy Orchard?

The Chairy Orchard was created – and is maintained – by two Denton, Texas neighbors who started filling the empty lot between them with chairs. The lot is gorgeous with giant trees and a creek running behind it. Random people started dropping off chairs in the lot. It’s now a super cool art installation and neighborhood park that is free to visit.

It’s one of the most whimsical, quirky, unique, fun, and just magical things I’ve ever seen. It’s existence sparks so much joy in me. And even with all of the bright colors and cool sights to take in, I still find it extremely peaceful.

Chairy garden entrance

Denton, Texas chair garden

Chair orchard, Denton, Texas

Chairy Orchard, Denton, Texas


People can walk through the maze of chairs or take a seat. One of my daughters had me take about a thousand photos of her for Instagram.

Denton, Texas chair art

Denton, Texas

Chair art, Texas

There’s an old fashioned seesaw

Seasaw at Chairy Garden, Texas

Bring a picnic lunch!

Chairy Orchard, Denton, Texas

Have a sit with your friends and look at the creek

Denton, Texas chair park

There’s a wall of Buddha

Budda wall, Denton, Texas

The Lemon Tree is my favorite section!

It’s so bright and happy!

Lemon Tree Denton, Texas


There are lots of funky chandeliers hanging from trees, like tike this one – which is made of tiny wooden chairs, of course.

Denton, Texas

Sit and reflect

Denton, Texas

There’s a scavenger hunt!

Free fun!

Chairy Orchard, Denton, Texas Scavenger Hunt


Chair Carousel  Denton, TX

Chairy Carousel Denton, Texas

Nap in the hammock!

Chairy Orchard, Denton, Texas


Chairy Orchard, Denton, Texas

Chairy Orchard, Denton, Texas

Add a lock to the love wall

Lock fence, Denton, Texas

Leave a donation in the red fridge

The Chairy Orchard is free, but donations are accepted for the upkeep. The “Chairy Fairies” who live on either side pass on the extra donations to local chair-ities (ha! That pun was all me). You can also purchase bottles of water and little Chairy Orchard souvenirs from the fridge on an honor system (leave the cash in the fridge).

Get souvenirs or leave donations for the Chairy Fairies in the red fridge. Denton, Texas

The Chairy Orchard is located at 1426 Churchill Drive, Denton, Texas. Read more about it here. Let me know if you check it out!


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