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Why I love going to breakfast alone


I love going out to breakfast. And I really enjoy going out to breakfast alone. Reading and sipping coffee at a tablet o myself is a rare treat.

My daughter only had to be at school for an hour and a half for an exam one morning recently.  I dropped her off and then went to a little restaurant for breakfast.

I try to limit sugar and grains.  Breakfast is actually the easiest meal for me to order in a restaurant and stick to this because I love omelettes.  However, I can’t get my eggs to omelette at home, so it’s always been my go to order.

I ordered an omelette with ham, cheddar, onion, mushroom and spinach.  I asked for fruit instead of the potatoes and bread.  Then I added a side of bacon.

Because bacon.

And, of course, coffee!

Please pause for a coffee tangent….

I weaned myself off sugar in my coffee.    But I need cream.  I do heavy whipping cream at home, but most restaurants only have the little half and half cups.

There’s a little place by my house that only has powdered cream.

Powdered cream.

What kind of breakfast spot only has powdered cream?!

Not one I will visit again.


I was sitting there sipping my coffee and munching on my breakfast while reading a book my daughter got from the bargain section of the bookstore: Plan D: How to Lose Weight and Beat Diabetes (Even If You Don’t Have It) by Sherri Shepherd. Sherri used to be on “The View.”

The man at the next table saw me reading and asked if it was a good book.

Some people think another human having breakfast alone means they are lonely, so they take it upon themselves to try to remedy the situation.  I try not to get annoyed because I know their intentions are usually good.

I showed him the cover of the book and told him I have type 2 diabetes and am working on losing weight to control it better.  He said, “You can do it!  My wife lost fifty pounds!”

Because I’m still overweight people have no way of knowing I’ve already lost a significant chunk of weight.  Close to a hundred pounds significant.

Sometimes I share.  Sometimes I don’t.

This guy was in a hurry and only ordered a muffin, which he quickly ate and was getting ready to leave.  He said, “I’ll make you a deal.  If you work on that, I’ll work on quitting smoking.”

I accepted his deal.

Of course, I have no idea who this guy is or if I’ll ever see him again, but maybe he’ll actually keep his end of the deal.  How cool would it be if that little encounter gave someone the push to change their life like that?

So I’ll keep on reading my self help books in public, sneaking off to breakfast alone when I can and being open to chats with strangers.  Who knows what could come of it!  And that’s pretty cool.

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