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BlogHer 2014 saved my blog!

I’d made up my mind to let this blog go.   Building something that is read takes time, commitment and hard work.  I didn’t think I had it to give and was frustrated by how slowly I’ve been gaining readers.

Then I went to the BlogHer conference (because I do other blogging) and got inspired again.  “Why do you blog?” was one of the threads weaving the event together, months before we even ascended on San Jose.

So why do I blog?

Because I like to write

Because it helps me sort my thoughts

Because it makes me feel I’m part of a community – an exchange of ideas, thoughts, support and opinions

Because I have something to say

So….. I’ve decided to keep plugging along.  It would be great to get some readers, so if you’re out there, please share my posts on social media and encourage people to join in!  I know there are others


  • battling emotional eating
  • trying to lose weight
  • desperately wanting to be good role models for their children
  • working on making healthier choices for their family
  • on a journey to get fit and healthy


Let’s do it together.

I’ve got lots to tell you about.  I had my photo taken with celebrities, tried out lots of new restaurants, started a zombie apocalypse training program, scored a great maxi dress for $2, helped create the world’s largest cupcake wedding cake and so much more.

I’m so thankful BlogHer 2014 saved my blog!  Stay tuned.  I’m ready to really bring “me” to the page here.

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