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Can Someone Contact You After They Blocked You?

Did you know someone can still text you after they blocked you? Unfortunately, I know this from personal experience. And a lot of Googling.

So they blocked you…

Blocking a number means calls and texts from the blocked number aren’t delivered to the blocker. The blocker can still call and text the blocked number, though. If the blocked person attempts responding, it won’t be delivered if they haven’t been unblocked.

Personal exerience

I’ve recently experienced blocking by multiple people I really love. One is my daughter. The other a dear friend I deeply hurt. Both sent me texts after blocking me, reiterating their feelings about hating my guts. I tried to respond, but the messages weren’t delivered because they still have me blocked. We all have iPhones so my texts would have showed “delivered” if they went through. 

I did a Google deep dive after a couple of people told me they wouldn’t have been able to text me if I was still blocked. That turns out to be false. Multiple Google searches say people can still text you after they blocked you. And, as I said, I’ve also experienced it first hand. 

Respecting the block

I respect the block. They don’t want to hear from me. Okay. It sucks to be blocked when you want to communicate about the problem. But the people who blocked me don’t want to have a discussion with me and that’s their choice. 

Receiving text messages and voice recordings you can’t respond to is frustrating, though. 

Ways to know you’re blocked on an iPhone:

Here are the clues to look for with iPhones.

Look for the “delivered” notification

The easiest way is if your text message doesn’t say “delivered” at the bottom after sending it. Maybe the person turned their phone off, is in airplane mode, has a dead battery, or is in a location with no service. It won’t say “delivered” right away in those cases either. But as soon as those situations are remedied, it will.    

Straight to voicemail

The other clue is if your call goes straight to voicemail. Again, the above factors could also be in play, however, if multiple calls over several days go straight to voicemail and your texts aren’t delivered, you’re probably blocked. 

What to do if someone blocks you?

Respect the blockers decision, try not to dwell on it, and focus on your own well-being. I know that’s way easier said than done. Especially if you are someone who wants to communicate – to be heard and to hear the other person’s concerns. It’s a challenge for me for sure. But there’s really nothing I can do about it. Life is really hard and messy sometimes.

Sometimes we’re the ones who make our own messes. Messes that spill over onto other people. And that’s really hard.

Can someone contact you after they blocked you?

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