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A Vitamin B12 Shot Made Me Feel Like Jessica Jones

This post about receiving a B12 shot was originally posted in January 2016.  I got healthier mostly by eating NSNG.  Now….three years later, I’m in a similar health predicament again after a really rough year.  My blood sugar is high and iron, B, D and magnesium low.  In fact, I just got a B12 shot today.  I didn’t get Jessica Jones energy this time (I’m really low), but it did HURT.  “You got stung by the B!” my friend said.  Here’s what happened the first time I got a B12 shot:


So I went to the doctor for blood test results last week. My A1C is going down (7.5 from 8.9), but still too high. My doctor thinks the improvement is enough to allow me to keep working on it without med adjustment for now.

I was surprised to learn I’m deficient in iron, B12 and vitamin D.  I’ve been oh so very tired, moody, emotional and just blah.  She said that’s probably why.

She gave me a B12 shot and iron and D supplements.  I’d never had a B12 shot, but a former coworker swore by them for energy.


The shot didn’t hurt and I didn’t feel any side effects…..until that evening.  All of a sudden I had a surge of energy.

It started out feeling great.  Then…not so much.

I felt like Jessica Jones.  No, not exactly Jessica.

Tiny itty bitty spoiler warning if you are late to the Jessica Jones game:


My experience with a B12 shot


It was less Jessica and more like when Trish took the red pill. And, like her, I didn’t have the blue to bring me down.

My brain felt like a fog had been lifted, but then ALL THE THOUGHTS were hitting me at once.  I tried to grocery shop, but I had to leave because I couldn’t focus on what to buy.

I had a hard time falling asleep that night.

I woke up feeling okay the next day, though.

It’s been a few days and I’m not feeling a whole lot of difference from before I got the B12 shot after the initial weird energy rush.  I’d try it again if my doctor recommends it though.

What are your experiences with B12 injections?

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