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5 Tips for Surviving a Bad Haircut

This photo was taken three days into the worst haircut I have ever received in my life. I wanted my usual chin length bob.

 Somehow I got extremely short, layered, 80’s soccer mom hair that poufs up everywhere. Oh, and it had strange, long bangs in the front.

It was just bad. Bad, bad, bad. My daughter had a look of extreme concern as if I showed up to retrieve her at camp with a broken arm when she first saw it. That’s all it took for me to burst into tears. I hated this haircut.

And I know that I’m not alone! Most women have dealt with a horrific haircut. Here are some tips for surviving a bad haircut:

  • Wear lots of hats! It was summer and I work from home, so I could get away with covering up with a hat easily. I’m not used to wearing hats, but I started now sporting a pink baseball cap whenever I ran out of the house!
  • Try to tame it with accessories. I raided my tween’s hair bin. Barrettes and headbands were needed to keep the annoying little pieces out of my face so I didn’t go insane.  I even ran to Claire’s in the mall to pick out some new hair accessories for myself.
  • Use styling products. I experimented with mists, gels and balms. I’m a wash and go girl and didn’t have much luck at creating anything that looks decent, but I’m sure I could have with some patience, digging and YouTube tutorials. I’m even let my daughter give it a whirl. She couldn’t make it look any worse!
  • Draw attention elsewhere. Put on an amazing necklace or vibrant heels. Give the public something to look at besides your hair.
  • Fake it ’til you make it. Or until it grows back. Throw on a smile and your favorite lip gloss. Pretend that you love that new haircut!
  • Remember that it’s only hair. It will grow back.  Mine did.  Yours will, too.

Try to hold on to these positive solutions instead of crying under the covers! The bright side was that I didn’t need to plop down any cash for another haircut for a while since the cut was so short!

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