Best exercise DVDS for overweight people

Best exercise dvds for overweight people

  I’ve Googled “best exercise dvds for overweight people” many times for ideas of new workout routines.  I like DVDS and had collected a pretty big library.  They let me do a variety of workouts all from the comfort of my garage, where I had a TV, DVD player and squishy floor mats. (This post […]

“Biggest Loser”:An overweight person’s perspective

Why I won’t watch Biggest Loser

Let’s talk “Biggest Loser.” I used to watch. Every week. From season one. I even watched Bill and Jillian on Australia’s version. I was a fan. Team Jillian. I have nearly all of her workout DVDs. I have several of Bob’s, too. And quite a few of the “Biggest Loser” ones. But I’d cry on […]

Fat girls on bicycles

The talk radio show I listen to in the car played a song repeatedly a few years ago about fat girls riding bicycles.  Oh, I just looked up on YouTube.  It’s actually called “Fat Girls On Bicycles.”   And it could be about me. My daughter and I got new bikes last week! I’m still […]