How to start NSNG (No Sugars No Grains)


Welcome!  I’m so glad you’re here! You probably stopped by because you’re curious about NSNG!  Well, I’ve got the simple answers for you! I’ve interviewed the no sugar no grain guru Vinnie Tortorich, author of “Fitness Confidential,” several times. In fact, when I was ready to commit to this way of eating, I texted Vinnie himself to […]

Giving thanks for health, fitness and food finds!

Men are in my garage putting together a new treadmill at this very moment.  My daughter was so excited she didn’t sleep last night.  The new addition to our healthy lifestyle strides has made me give thanks for other health, fitness and food finds this morning.  Here are my top ten. 1. Good shoes. I […]

I’m not asking for weight loss advice…

The trouble with blogging about your journey to become a Shrinking Momster is that you open yourself up to a whole lot of  unsolicited weight loss advice.  The judgment is something I never get used to about putting myself out there for the Internet to read. Judgment in my real life is hard for me […]