Bathing Suit Shame to Flaunting It In Plus Size Bikinis

All bodies are bikini bodies. So rock those plus size bikinis with confidence!

A few years ago I would have rather worn sweatpants in the Florida summer than even try on plus size bikinis.  I hated my body.  I hated myself because of my body. In June 2013 I wrote: My daughter and I took a weekend road trip to the Gulf coast of Florida to celebrate the […]

No Weigh: Saying no to weighing at school


My daughter came home from middle school devastated because of a “health screening.”  The students were lined up and sent through screening stations.  They were checked for scoliosis.  They had their eyesight and hearing screened. And they had their BMI calculated, which meant everyone stepped on the scale. I’m just not okay with this.  I […]