Locked out of a luxury Orlando Airbnb with the oven on

The time I got locked out of a luxury Orlando airbnb

I originally posted this in July 2018. After spending the day with Bestie Boo and recommending his Orlando Airbnb to someone, I realized I needed to do an update because he now has TWO luxury Orlando Airbnbs! They are loft apartments with one right on top of the other. Downtown Orlando loft airbnb #1 Downtown […]

I climbed a mountain in Central Park

wonder woman

“Momma, come climb with me!” “You go ahead, Sweetie.  Momma’s not very good at climbing.  I’ll stay here and take pictures of you.” “I don’t want my picture taken and I want to climb with you.” Okay, so it wasn’t really a mountain.  Obviously Central Park doesn’t have mountains. But that rocky hill looked like […]