Rest Retreat

You deserve a REST RETREAT!

Imagine this: you’re spending the weekend in a spacious, clean, luxurious estate on a palm tree farm. Yes, a palm tree farm. Everything is taken care of for you. Your wants and needs are your only responsibility, There’s no cooking, cleaning, or laundry for you. Just rest, relaxation, and fun.  

You sleep in. Take naps. Eat delicious food prepared for you. Stroll through the palm trees. Watch the sunset over the lake. Read a book. Chat with other women who really see you. Feel part of a community. Laugh and play. Float in the pool. Soak in the hot tub under the stars. Try yoga or meditation. Get a massage right there on the palm tree farm. And then a facial. Find your creativity. Restore. Recover. 

46% of women feel burnt out.

Since you clicked on a post about a rest retreat, I’m guessing you can  relate. I certainly can. 

I was once so overwhelmed and exhausted that I looked forward to the dentist.  In fact, dental work felt like a spa treatment. I would never dedicate the time, money, focus, or energy on MYSELF to actually get a real spa treatment, but an hour of drilling or scraping my mouth where I couldn’t possibly meet anyone else’s needs? What a treat! 

And when I  had to spend the whole night alone at a sleep clinic? Wow! Peak luxury! 

Are you?







Stretched way too thin. 

I get it.

Remember the palm tree farm?

I rented it for us.

No, really.

I did. 

I’m hosting a women’s rest retreat on a palm tree farm in Florida.

Women's Rest Retreat on a palm tree farm in Vero Beach, Florida

Hi! I’m Rachael Moshman, founder of Rambling Rach Emotional Wellness Support. I’m a mom, grandma, mental health consultant, educator, certified laughter yoga leader, trauma survivor, emotional wellness coach, and top-tier hype woman. 

Oh, and retreat host!

Women's Rest Retreat in Vero Beach, Florida

Come laugh and lounge with me at the Rambling Rach Rest Retreat! 

Women's Rest Retreat in Vero Beach, Florida

Here’s a bit of what’s in store for you:

    • An exclusive stay at Las Palmas, a secluded 10-acre palm tree farm in Vero Beach, Florida. Take a peaceful stroll through the palm trees or around the lake. Read a book in the shade. Snooze in a hammock. Feel the grass under your feet.

    • A warm, inviting, upscale five bedroom, 5 bathroom estate.  Spend an entire day with an empty “to do” list. 

    • A pool and hot tub with plenty of seating. Float, soak, and lounge for as long as you want. 

    • Meals prepared for you. And plenty of snacks – with no one trying to steal it from you. 

    • A variety of classes to boost your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Paint a flamingo. Learn a new breathing technique. Strike a tree pose in between palm trees. (Or nap all day – the choice is yours!)

    • Luxurious spa services. I’m brining the spa to you!  Get a massage or facial right on the palm tree farm! 

    • So much laughter! Laughter yoga classes will be available. But you’ll laugh in the pool, over coffee, and throughout the day as you remember how good it feels to give time to yourself. 

    • Community and connection. You’ll be surrounded by other women who are there to support and cheer you on, while respecting your need for quiet alone time.

    • Tools to help you carry rest and relaxation with you. Because you deserve to pour into your own cup and enjoy life.

Women's Rest Retreat in Vero Beach, Florida

Women's Rest Retreat in Vero Beach, Florida


Option 1: Rest Retreat Day Pass

Unable to commit to multiple nights away? Come enjoy the house, pool, lake, and palm trees during the day!  

The Rest Retreat is open to guest passes from 10 am – 6 pm. Grab a snack or a light breakfast when you arrive. Drink some coffee while it’s hot. Enjoy all of the classes and self-care activities listed above. Nap under a palm tree. Eat lunch by the pool. Grab a massage. 

Go home before dinner feeling blissfully pampered and rested. Advance tickets required. SECURE YOUR TICKET HERE!!! 

Some of the included amenities:

      • Laughter yoga
      • Restorative yoga
      • Sound bath
      • Wim Hof breathing class
      • Massage therapy
      • Facials
      • Energy healing
      • Mixology class
      • Opportunities to create and play
      • Chef prepared meal
      • Yummy snacks 
      • Professional photographer to snap some shots of you (and cheerleaders to encourage you to be in the photo!)
      • And so much more!
    All activities are optional. Want to float in the pool or nap all day? That’s fine!

    Option 2: Stay the whole weekend as an Immersive Guest!

    Immerse yourself in the rest experience with three nights to focus on you! Arrive at 6 pm Friday evening to have dinner ready for you. Yes, we’re diving right into the rest and relaxation!  Have access to your bedroom, all common areas of the house, and all outdoor areas for the entire weekend. Grab a “to go” breakfast bag and leave by 9 am Monday morning. A variety of rooms are available. Fill out this form for more information. 

    Women's Rest Retreat in Vero Beach, Florida

    Women's Rest Retreat in Vero Beach, Florida

    Women's Rest Retreat in Vero Beach, Florida

    All Inclusive Rest Retreat

    These prices are all inclusive! All spa services, activities, food, drink, etc. are included in the price.

    Women's Rest Retreat in Vero Beach, Florida

    Reserve your spot now!!!! Spaces are very limited!

    Register today Don’t miss out!!!!! 

    Day passes must be paid in full at registration. Payment plans are available for Immersive Weekend Guests with a non-refundable $500 deposit. 

    You’re always wearing yourself out making things beautiful for everyone else. You deserve to rest, restore, and do something beautiful for yourself. 

    Reserve your spot!

    Reach out with any questions.

    Call or text 772-501-6425

    Let’s connect!

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