Once upon a time there was a chubby little girl.

Me with my baby sister in 1981.

She grew into an overweight teenager.

And the pounds continued packing on until she hit 330 pounds in her early twenties.

On her first wedding anniversary, she decided ENOUGH!

She cut her calories drastically.  Below what she could maintain, which led to binge eating.  Which led to purging.  She lost nearly a hundred pounds in an ugly cycle of restrict, secretly binge, purge through vomiting and laxative use.

Her husband was worried because she was constantly sick.  She admitted to the purging after about six months and stopped cold turkey (with only a few slip ups over the years.)

The binge eating was harder to kick.

She gained all of the weight back.  And then some.

The scale hit 361.

The last decade has been devoted to losing chunks of weight only to gain it back.

But the stakes have changed now.

Three years ago, she and her husband adopted a nine-year-old girl.

Being a Mom was great for weight loss at first!  Her daughter kept her busy and ate off her plate.  She went from 325 pounds to 270 the first year her daughter was home without much conscious effort.

Then she quit working outside the home and became self-employed.  Working at home has not been good for weight loss.

Nearly two years later, the scale has crossed the 300 line again.

But just barely.

She’s determined to get this under control before it keeps climbing.

Her daughter is now 12.

She wants to set a good example. She doesn’t want her daughter struggling with all of the same issues she’s still dealing with.  She wants to live a long, healthy life with her husband and little girl.

Her goals?

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