Are you coming over from my selfcare for caregivers webinar ? I’m so glad you’re here!  Hi! I’m Rach. You had read more about me here.

Selfcare for caregivers

Caregivers come in many different forms. It’s not just caring for a bedridden loved one, though that certainly applies. Wikpedia says a caregiver is someone who helps another person with the tasks of daily living. You can be a caregiver to your partner, family, parents, kids, neighbors and friends. Your job might center around caring for others, such as teaching, social work, nonprofit or medical. It’s possible to be a caregiver through involvement in your church or volunteer activities.

If you’re a caregiver, chances are you’re exhausted as you read this.

I know. I’ve been there. In fact, I’m still there much of the time. Recovering from burnout takes time. I know first hand how crucial selfcare for caregivers is – and how hard it is to implement.

My life was devoted to my husband and daughter for years. I never thought of what I needed. A friend with chronic illness, my elderly grandmother, volunteering at school, and a rotating assortment of my daughter’s friends (and sometimes their parents) also kept me busy. My life was devoted to everyone else. I put myself dead last.

Two years ago my daughter had a severe health crisis and almost died. I slept by her side in the hospital for two full weeks. She’s made a wonderful recovery and is doing great, but as she got stronger I realized how depleted I was.

Big changes were needed so I could be the best mom possible, but also because I had no choice. I wasn’t able to keep functioning like I had been. There simply was no energy.

Realizing you’re worth your own care

In my case, leaving a toxic marriage was the first step to getting healthier. This was terrifying as I’d been in this relationship from ages 20-40.  I’d literally never been on my own!

But slowly…sometimes so very slowly…I’ve been finding my footing. I’ve had to learn to treat myself like a person deserving of the care and concern I was heaping on so many others.

And I’ve come to realize taking care of myself is crucial – not just so I can be a great mom , but just because I’m worthy of it.

And you are, too.

Let me help you.  I’ll be your coach and cheerleader as you start this journey. Fill out this Google form and I’ll be in touch soon to open a dialogue about how I can help you start treating yourself like the treasure you are.


Here are two tools to get you started right now.

Video pep talk!

Hire me for a pep talk! For $10 I’ll send you a hype video you can replay anytime you need some cheerleading. Get started with this form.

Hire me for a pep talk! For $10 I'll send you a hype video you can replay anytime you need some cheerleading.

Free 30 day self-care plan!

Selfcare for caregivers is a big undertaking. Finding yourself when you put others first for so long is overwhelming. Here’s a 30 day plan to get started in litle more manageble bites.


30 day self care plan for care givers

I think you’re amazing!  Really.  I’m here and I believe in you.